Movement Studio and Doula Care in San Francisco & Marin

Private & Group Movement Classes & Doula Care is available in San Francisco and Marin 

We are better people inside and out because of your careful expertise and adventuresome attitude. Thank you.

- Jo Lowe, Craftsman & Bill Lowe, Arbitrageur

Innerflo Movement Studio

Olympia’s approach to working with her clients is gentle and natural. She likens her job to help tune up your body.  If it has been neglected then you will have to take more time tuning and if not a little tuning and work to keep it in tip-top form!

The training Olympia has received is very thorough with regards to the most common injuries and anatomy. Still today she loves learning more.

Olympia can see clients at their homes in San Francisco and Marin. For group classes see appointments.

Olympia was an amazing support system who helped change our views of fearing pregnancy and the birth.

- Nicole Campbell, Marketing & PR Manager

Innerflo Doula Care

Olympia’s enthusiasm for providing the care and support a woman and her family need during pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum is clear to all who work with her.

The training Olympia received was originally through DONA International for Birth and Postpartum Doula Care and she is now re-certified  for life with Doula Trainings International.

Olympia is available to meet now with expectant parents requiring her care in San Francisco and Marin.