Jo Lowe, Craftsman & Bill Lowe, Arbitrageur

“We are better people inside and out because of your careful expertise and adventuresome attitude. Thank you.”

Nicole Campbell, Marketing & PR Manager

“My pregnancy was an unexpected surprise that my husband and I were not quite ready for and we were honestly pretty scared about the whole process. However, through pre-natal yoga classes, providing reading materials and spending hours talking about the positive joys of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, Olympia was an amazing support system who helped change our views of fearing pregnancy and delivery.  She helped us realize our pregnancy was a wonderful gift and we were incredibly lucky to be bringing a beautiful life into the world.”

Theresa and Benjamin Castellano-Wood, investors

“What we love most about working with Olympia are the results! We leave her studio happy, satisfied, energized and seemingly taller!

“Olympia is fully engaged in the process of making her clients’ workouts meaningful. And she has a full array of equipment and techniques to accomplish those goals. We highly recommend Olympia.”

Casey Kelly, Teacher

“For many, pregnancy and the anticipation of birth can be a very emotional time and without support it can be very overwhelming. My experience was one of strength, confidence and emotional balance. Olympia became such a tremendous support system for me in my weekly sessions of prenatal yoga and in her doula work during and after my son’s birth. She helped me find strength in my body each week as she led the group through various yoga positions and sequences. Each class was open to finding peace with our physical and emotional concerns. Her knowledge of the body and how to care for it as it endured its role of providing for two gave me confidence that I would succeed in having a healthy and joyous pregnancy. And when it came time to give birth to my son, Olympia was there full of spirit and calm to ensure that my emotions were balanced, focusing on the amazing job my body and mind were about to do. A beautiful baby boy was born and once again, Olympia was there to provide support in making sure that mom was still full of strength, confidence and emotional balance.”

Brittany Sanders, Artist

“I have known and worked with Olympia since I took my first pilates class with her 8 years ago. I have always appreciated her caring nature and focus and determination to help me reach my physical goals. When I became pregnant I felt so lucky that it coincided with her training as a Birth Doula. Olympia shone in her role as my Doula, and I truly believe I had the easy pregnancy and positive birth experience because of her coaching and participation throughout the entire birth process. There is no one better at explaining and helping you integrate mindful movement into daily life.”

Sara Adamiec, Classified Sales Manager

“Staying fit and preparing for a natural labor were big priorites for me when I found out I was pregnant. I started taking Olympia’s pre-natal yoga class at the beginning of my 2nd trimester. She has done an amazing job of incorporating strength training, stretching & relaxation into each class. Her class has been empowering for me because I have realized I can be fit & be pregnant at the same time! At 35 weeks pregnant, I still feel flexible, strong & confident in my ability to deliver my baby naturally. As Olympia conditions her students physically, she helps us understand what is happening to our bodies to accommodate our babies and how we can recover quickly and safely postpartum. All in all Olympia’s class has helped me be comfortable and relaxed during this amazing time.”

Lillian Gillian, Jeweler

“The luxury of Olympia:

  • micro adjustments
  • identification of what is happening in your body
  • being brought to awareness of your anatomy
  • benefiting from the exact exercises given
  • learning how to utilize your body to the fullest
  • developing the balance, and strength of your machine”

Emily 14  & Sarah 10

“Sarah and I love going to pilates because it always leaves us feeling relaxed and happy.  We also love the exercise and strengthening of our core.  And we love Olympia.”